UAE Hosting

UAE Hosting

Absolute Discovery offers secure on line document management for businesses. We provide flexible access to information for multiple users from any location, using a web browser.

Cloud document storage is an ideal solution for companies who need to access their documents and information from multiple locations. With employees based in different regions, subsidiary companies, working from home or out in the field, documents need to be available instantly to operate efficiently and in a timely manner.

Available at a low monthly cost per user, this cloud document management solution can be accessed instantly, with no costs upfront for hardware or software installation. All your users need is access to the web using a standard browser.

This solution will tick all your boxes for compliance, providing an electronic audit trail for your documents and offering secure access at a user level. The system is stored on secure Dubai (UAE) based servers, with encrypted access. Enabling you to zone off your documents securely and only allowing access to those employees with the relevant permissions.

Data Hosting

  • Stored on secure Dubai (UAE) based servers
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Daily backups of all hosted data
  • Easy to navigate document management system